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List on this sheet all the material that you used to help you better understand the Bible, Book or Topic that was studied this month -

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the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.



something used and represented in this manner.  ( From dictionary.com)


Never plagiarize!  Plagiarism  is generally used :

--to make the  Christian speaker and/or writer look far more advanced both spiritually and intellectually  than what they actually are.     The sad results: People will come to that person to receive wisdom and revelation knowledge that person does not  have in their own right – thus begins a false front if that person wants to “keep up the appearance” of being studious, wise , and knowledgeable.    

-- to give the impression that study was performed on a deeper level than it actually was

-- by very lazy  and deceitful people

Plagiarism is a SIN – it is lying about one’s abilities and stealing from those who did the actual work of study and expressing the results of that study.

The consequences: You  will probably lose your  Leadership or Word Ministry student status  here.  Always give credit  to the source(when you are  conscious of the source)  in your speaking and/or writing when doing an open pulpit, a sermon, or a school paper.