River of Life Leadership and Word Ministry School

Face Sheet for Leadership students

Write "yes" or "no" in the blanks

 Name                                                Date -


                   1.        I have paid all my tithes to my local church.


                   2.        I submitted  the weekly calendar with 7 hours of devotional time on it, the  hearing ear statement, and  the ministry paper.(These are due weekly at  midnight Sabbath.)

                                  I have either been present  and on time at all church services, or I have written the reasons for either the tardiness or the absence on my calendar.                                   “On time” for worship team, helps team, and sound team  members is  at least 10 minutes    before service begins.   Service begins promptly on Wednesdays at 6;30 PM and on Sabbaths at 9:30 and 11:00 AM

_______       3.         I have listened to the tape of each missed service and  have  submitted a tape evaluation form for each one.

 I asked for but have not yet received a copy of the tape for the following date(s) :  ______________________________________________________

                    4.        I have made and  completed a goal:  ________________ 

                                  I am submitting  a projected goal:     ________________


                    5.        I am submitting  all other  required paperwork at today's ROLLMS class (check each one):

Bible book report (s) ____,  bibliography ____,  topic paper (if there was one) ____, 

                    6.        _______I was in open pulpit at least once since the last ROLLMS.

Date  of open pulpit:                               , Or                              I have had an open pulpit prepared since                       and there was not an opportunity for me to share it.

Note -      This open pulpit must be something from one (or some) of the Bible books and/or topic of  the month and it must contain several  Bible reference(s).

                     7.        _______I was standing at the altar to help at all group  ministry times .


                  8.        _____  I have  read  all  prayer guard  requests for this school period and prayed for each one. 

                  9.        ______I am on the Helps Team.  I gave a legitimate excuse to the Helps Team Leader for any absence(s) or tardiness when I was scheduled to work.  Dates and type of service on helps :_______________________________________________________.

                  10.        I carefully read all announcements and bulletins this month.  I entered each date  into my personal calendar.



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