River of Life Leadership and Word Ministry School

Notification to the director of desire to enter


Level 1:  Regular Class Listener  ______________________

Level 2:  Monthly Bible Study _________________________

Level 3:  Leadership School ___________________________

Level 4:  Word Ministry School ________________________

Note: A student can change his level at any time; however, he must state that to the director.

Name -                                                           Date:______________________________________-                                                                                                                   


Address -                                                                     Email___________________________________                                                                                                     


Phone -___________________________________Date of Birth -                                                                        


Age when Saved - ___________________Age when Baptized in the Holy Spirit ( a must for WM students) -        



Past church membership and/or  a church in which frequent attendance occurred :




What role(s) in the Body of Christ do you see yourself in one day?




What role (s) do you currently see yourself active in?






Past experiences and offices in Christian Service (include the Church  and/ or ministry where this took place):                                                                                                                                                                                                                              





Past Christian training and/or education (above and beyond regular church services)?                                                                                                                                                  






What do you have to offer (service, gifts, etc.) the Body of Christ right now?-                                                             




What areas are you currently weak in that you would most like to see become strong ? -