River of Life Leadership and Word Ministry School

Submit the projected goal one month and then submit the same form (with the projected goal on top) with the completed goal at the bottom .


Name -                                                                Today’s Date -


Projected Goal  - To be completed by the School of  -

                                                                         (Month)    &    (Year)


My Goal is to -



The Step(s) I will need to take in order to achieve this goal is(are) -




Circle  the number(s) that your goal will help to do:

           1.         Reach the world with the full gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

           2.         Teach Christians how to grow up into Christ.

           3.         Maintain a church in which believers fully discern the Body of Christ regardless of racial, economic and cultural differences.

           4.         Exercise Ephesians 4 truths.

           5.         Learn spiritual warfare.

           6.         Learn to relate to one another as a family (including being hospitable).

           7.         Promote unity in the entire Body of Christ.

           8.         Establish new churches; to strengthen existing churches.

           9.         Be  perfected in and to teach others praise and worship.

         10.         Follow the Lamb wherever He goes.



I completed the goal I planned on _______________ on _________________________



Describe exactly what you did and when you did it:




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