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School Book Report (rev. 11 8 13)


Dates:   From           to 

  1. Name of Book, meaning of the name (if available), year written, who wrote it, to whom was it mainly written, and what was the main message or purpose:

  1. Promises this book contained for me (at least 5 if 5 can be found):

  1. Instructions ( at least 5, if possible) from God as to how to think, to feel, to do, and to be that I must obey in my life . Overall, how does this book impact your walk with God and with people? Are there personal (both spiritual and visible ) changes you should or will make in your life? State specific passages that convicted you personally and motivated you to change.

4) Character study -- Do at least three if possible. You may choose to use a person, a nation, a tribe, or a defined group of people ( e.g., “The Pharisees” or “the Ephesians”).

For each character you choose, address the following:

A. Name:

B. Briefly describe at least one story about that character.

C. How would you describe that character’s nature?

D. What did you most admire in that character?

E. What did you respect the least in that character?

F. What should the character have done in their feelings, thoughts, and/or deeds to be more pleasing to the Lord?

5) Use verses , passages, or stories (at least three) that show the nature of God . Include specific terms that would describe His nature following each Bible citation.

  1. Was there a doctrine in the book that changed your thinking from what it was before ? Were there revelations or teachings you already knew that were deepened in your understanding? Did you encounter a doctrine or teaching new to you?

  2. If an Old Covenant book, discuss passages pointing to Jesus Christ. 

  3. If a New Covenant book, passages that were given in the Old Covenant book fulfilled in the New Covenant book.

  4. State prophecies still awaiting fulfillment in the future.

  5. State passages that affirm the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. (Optional) If a story can be found in this book, tell it and what you learned from that story . (Unlike # 4, your story could have many characters and perhaps even include more that one chapter in the telling.)

  7. (Optional) Did you find any cross-references that significantly helped you clarify passages ?