Word Minister Student's Checklist


Failure to comply with any one of the items means you are not eligible to give a sermon this month.

 Name                                                Date -

                   1.      I have paid all my tithes to my local church.


                   2.      I handed in the weekly calendar with 7 hours of devotional time on it, hearing ear, and ministry paper. (These are due by midnight Sabbath evening.)

                            I have either been present and on time at all Church services, or I have written the reasons for either the tardiness or the absence on my calendar.

                            Over 3 invalid tardy times in one month will result in not being eligible for this month being a time to present one of the required 30 sermons.

                            On time for worship team, helps team, and sound team members is at least 10 minutes  (15 minutes would be best!)  Before service begins.   Service begins promptly on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM and on Sabbaths at 9:30 and 11:00 AM

_______ 3.                 I have listened to the tape of each missed service and a tape evaluation form for each one is attached.

However, I asked for but have not yet received a copy of the tape for the following date(s):  ______________________________________________________

                   4.      I have made and totally completed a goal:  ________________ 

                          I am handing in a projected goal:               ________________


                  5.       I am handing in all other required paperwork at today's ROLLMS class (check each one):

Bible book report (s) ____, bibliography ____, topic paper (if there was one) ____, 

                   6.      I was in open pulpit at least once since the last ROLLMS

Date                              or.

I have had an open pulpit prepared since                              and there was not an opportunity for me to share it.

Note -    This open pulpit must be something from one (or some) of the Bible books and/or topic of the month and it must contain several Bible reference(s).



If I did not know for sure if Rosemary would consider my absence legitimate, I asked her about it before I presumed that it was ok.

                   9.      I was standing at the altar to help at all ministry times.


                  10.      I have signed up for the Watchmen on the Wall prayer program.  I prayed during the times I signed up.  I have kept current of all new ongoing and immediate prayer requests for this school period and prayed for them as well as the other things for which we are to pray. 

                  11.      I am on the Helps Team.  I gave a legitimate excuse to the Helps Team Leader for any absence(s) or tardiness when I was scheduled to work.

                  12.      I carefully read the current newsletter\list of events with dates (if issued).  And I have carefully read each bulletin and appropriate dates have been entered into my personal calendar.

                  13.      I am a Word Minister Student and I am _           (or) am not _ doing a sermon this month.  So far I have done _ sermons. 


All of the above statements are true and are also reflected on my "cover sheet" if it is called for.





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