Announcements 4 18 18

Current study books at River of Life: Daniel and Revelation until 5/12.

4/18: Working together after church tonightRight after church tonight we will be taking out the tables and chairs in the sanctuary and then setting up the church back to what it looked like (in every room) before the wedding.

4/23:  TV 25: The Single Seniors will be bringing food for the  TV crew .

In May the Senior Singles will be attending a White Caps game–the exact date will come soon.

5/8:  Rosemary doing an interview at 3 PM on “Michigan Alive” on TCT TV.

5/12: ROLWMSStudents sharing in first service; we will have communion in the second service

5/12, Because 5/13:  Mother’s Day:    In  open pulpits  in the second service it would be nice  if you honor your mom  (or grand moms) and / or speak from the Word about motherhood. (You are not, however, limited to that topic.)

Special invitation to the 5/12 ROLWMS:     Because the core planning and action team is being formed  for our August  Children’s event, an invitation to this school is extended to all from the  Children’s Church staff and  the Positioned Leadership   : Please come to  this meeting with a written list of  some input on what details and plans we should put in place before and during our August event (see 8/10 below for description of this event).  The ROLWMS  students have already been assigned the goal of making such a list as part of their school work. 

There will be opportunity for each person to share what they have listed .  This part  will be a “brainstorming session” .  After ideas  on lists are shared, some ideas may be immediately put in place   and I, Rosemary,  will  seek for people to commit to that portion of preparing for that event.  The actions leading up to the event and the  final agenda  of the actual event may include some participants who did not attend this 5/12 school . Please pray for this event regardless of what hands on role you may or may not have in it.

5/13 through 6/16: Study books at River of Life:   Genesis and Matthew ( We start once more at the beginning of the cycle J )

5/14:  TV 25

5/19:  Pentecost is 5/20 through 5/21.  On  5/19 , it would be appropriate during open pulpit time in the second service  to celebrate God’s faithfulness in pouring out His Spirit on the day of Pentecost . All celebration expressions (songs, dance, poems, skits, Word, etc. ) are encouraged.  Acts 2  :  1And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. 2And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. 3And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. 4And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

I , Rosemary, will be at Calvin College on both Friday and Saturday ( 5/18 & 19)  to celebrate  the 50th  year reunion of my class of 1968.  They are officially  inducting our class into the “Heritage Class” . Robert will be at ROL on 5/19.

5/28: Memorial Day; therefore, there will be no taping at TV 25

5/30: Light Force season begins 

6/1 through 6/3:  Downtown festival—Stay tuned for details on a possible children’s event (along with their family and  caretakers) to go right after service on 6/2 to the festival hands-on children’s  art tent and then to be together afterwards eat somewhere at the festival.   We will let other ROL folks know where we are meeting to eat so that they could join us at that location if they want to.

6/5:  7:30 PM:  Associate minister’s  meeting in Pastors’ home. 

6/13:  An evening to honor our graduates,  Hannah  Schneider (a bachelor’s degree) and Elijah Brown (a high school diploma). Pastor Karen Vander Vliet  will be ministering. There will be a potblessing after service (a “light” meal).

6/16: ROLWMS: Students share in first service; Communion in second service.  6/17 is Father’s Day:  It would be nice to share about your dad/grand

dads or the Word about athers in the open pulpit in the second service on 6/16.

6/17:  River of Life study books through 7/28:  Exodus and Mark

6/20:  Children’s Church staff , those of the Positioned leadership who committed to be involved in the August event ,  and ROLWMS students are meeting right after service:   This will be a review of plans for August and then, if time, a meeting with only CC to share things relevant to them only.

R/R to Florida for special event: Probable time, i.e., somewhere in this framework: 6/25 through as long as 7/10

7/12: The Senior Singles group will be going to Cannonsburg Ski Area for a concert and fireworks.

7/24:   Positioned Leadership meeting: 6:45 PM: Potblessing, 1st and 2nd quarter finance reports

7/28:   ROLWMS -- In this ROLWMS will be the  final  group planning session for the August event ; therefore , all involved are invited to come.

7/29:  River of Life Study books and topic:  Leviticus.  II John.  III John .  Sabbath

8/10—8/12:  Children’s Ministry weekend (Children’s Church and Powerhouse   aged children, i.e., aged 5 through 15):  Friday around 7 PM; Saturday during both services; and Sunday around 4:00 PM  , for  a program (and light meal)  to present to the  parents and friends of those who attend as well as the ROL family. We will be handing out fliers so as to encourage many children to attend.  The theme will be about enjoying the presence of the Lord. 

8/25: ROLWMS

9/3: Labor Day

September River Comfort practices after church on Wedsnesday night:   9/ 5 (in office), 9/12, 19 , and the formal rehearsal on the 28th.

9/8: Tentative date for our annual church picnic

9/15:  Youth Seminar

Light Force at Art Prize (which is  September 19 to October 7):  Weather permitting , Light Force will minister at 6 PM  on 9/22—if weather is bad , we will do it on 10/6 at 6 PM . (Weather “bad” at this time of year  (like our Christmastime outing ) is not based on temperature so much as precipitation/storms.)

9/24: Roll call of nations for the Feast of Tabernacles

9/28: 7:30 PM Rehearsal for the Feast of Tabernacles

9/29:  The Feast is celebrated

10/20:  Probable date for a Children’s event after church:  The children will be creating greeting cards to put in the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. 

Possible trip for R/R to go see EG:  Length within this time frame depends on whether a plane or driving is involved:  10/22 through 11/6

Ongoing ROL programsOur   TV 25 program, “River Reflections” at TV 25 in Wyoming, is taped the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month except for December. TV Staff arrives at approximately 6:30 PM. After the taping (usually around 8:30 PM we eat together – we depend on River of /Life volunteers to provide the food at the station or (if they are relatively near the station) invite us into their home – tell Karen Vander Vliet if and when you are willing to volunteer for this. We are at WKTV, 5261 Clyde Park Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509;  261 5700.   You can find programs also on Reflections

Media Club: We rely on this club for the videotaping and editing of clips (or full programs) to be shown on TV 25; however, potentially ALL media expression to minister can be included (the Internet, written productions, etc.). Jacob Menninger is the director of this club – let him know if you are interested in joining. The club can use more film takers and editors. Or, if you took a good video with sound clip during a service…pass a copy on to Jacob.

River of Life Word Ministry School (ROLWMS): A school training students to become Five Fold Ministry people (Eph. 4:11).   Students who enter the school must be members of River of Life already be demonstrating some Word Ministry student candidate qualities (e.g., effective participation in open pulpits and in prayer service, faithfulness, availability to be help out others, etc.).   Rosemary is the founder/director.   ROLWMS consists of much at home (online) work but will be meeting together once a month or so too. Let Rosemary know if you are interested and she will give you a brochure so you can read it and “count the cost” before coming to a meeting.  Before you come to the first meeting, you will be required to hand in the work from the month before as well as demonstrating those Word Minister traits mentioned above.  Note: The weekly hearing ear slips are due Sunday evening at midnight each week; the monthly work   is due the Sunday evening after the school day at midnight.   Work is to be sent to Rosemary at   You will find the school details on the site.  You must get a Thompson Chain Bible and either own or have access to a computer. All work is shared online.

Prayer Guard: If you or your immediate family (grandparents, parents, spouses, and siblings) needs prayer, please send that request to Sue Mulder who will forward your request to the email addresses of our congregation. (If she does not have your email address, please give it.) She is at    when a request for prayer is on prayer guard it is the duty of all ROL members to pray for that request! If you want   to send a prayer request apart from the stated prayer guard inclusions, you are free to use the ROL email list to do that as often as you desire; however, that is not an “official” ROL family “duty” for us all to respond ; however, of course it would be a loving thing for us all to do! (You may put in the subject line “request for prayer – not part of ROL prayer guard” if you wish.)

Christian Senior Singles (ages 50 +): The leader is Ida Assay.  The purpose is to simply enjoy fellowship with one another both spiritually and socially. All Christian senior singles, male and female, are welcome whether they are single through divorce, have never been married, or have lost their spouse to death. You must stay in touch with her to see what plans are currently in place.

Light Force: Robert and Rosemary are the leaders of this evangelistic outreach ministry. We take instruments and our voices to various venues in the city in order to praise, worship, testify, and pray for people. Cards will be available with our church information to hand out in an invitation for people to come to our services. Participation is open to all ROL members. The ministry is basically seasonal, i.e., during the warm months, usually on Wednesday after church when it is not raining and at least 68 degrees.  We go out from Memorial Day to Labor Day; then, once during Art Prize, and once to do Christmas carols.