Children's Ministry

At River of Life we have  staff  of teachers who take turns teaching  the children  aged five through eleven.

Normally Children's Church takes place after the time of  praise and worship on  Wednesday evenings  and Sabbath's second service.

     The "text book" for Children's Church is the Bible. Our goal is to teach passages and/or stories from the entire Word of God in order that the children will get to know God and what He requires of each believer.  We seek to find creative ways to make the Bible  be easily understood by the children.
     We tell each child the plan of salvation and encourage them to receive God's Spirit into their hearts. Once they receive the Lord into their life,  we then encourage the children to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  We believe Spirit filled children can learn to hear God's voice and to share what they hear Him saying.  They can pray for healing for others.    Each child  is encouraged to  discover the unique spiritual gifts that God has given to them individually and to then use those gifts to edify the Body of Christ.
    We understand that some may quickly receive spiritual truths and practices and others may not become enlightened  to what is being taught until long after  they have left the children's church experience. We do  believe that the spiritual teaching  received during faithful attendance in Children's Church provides for each child all they need to make the choice to receive the Lord and  to grow into becoming  a mature Christian.