The Goals of River of Life

1) To reach the world with the full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ


- Persistent outreach utilizing all possible means and media

- Sending forth of evangelists and evangelistic teams

- Financial support of soul winning ministries

- Hospitality and rest provided for missionaries on furlough

- Prayer for soul winners

- Letters of support and encouragement to soul winning ministries

- Training within the church for those who feel called to go forth

- A local evangelism team

- Prison ministry

- The availability of the pastors, other leadership, students, and the evangelism team to minister in various institutions, churches, parks -- wherever the Lord opens a door of service.


2) To teach Christians how to grow up into Christ so that they will have the testimony that it is "no longer I that lives in me".


- Sound, consistent teaching and preaching from the pulpit

- A watchful eye from the pastors and associate ministers concerning individual spiritual needs and the meeting of those needs through word and prayer

- Seminars, retreats, tape ministry, books, encouragement for individuals to disciple others, videos, advertisement of conventions and/or events elsewhere that would help the church members to mature in Christ


3) To maintain a church in which believers transcend racial, economic, and cultural backgrounds -- learning to discern the Lord Jesus Christ in one another without regard to outward appearance


- Having an open and warm invitation to everyone to join us, prayerfully

- Maintaining a sensitivity to each individual


4) To exercise the truths concerning the body of Christ reflected in Ephesians the Fourth chapter


- An emphasis in the role of the pastors and associate ministers to perfect the ministry of all believers

- The continual cultivation of the River of Life School of Christian Leadership which provides training for both the five-fold ministry and for all types of leadership within the church

- A time provided in most services for the pulpit to be open for any believer to minister to the church for a few minutes

- Opportunities to conduct services (associate ministers), teach or preach (word ministry students in the school), head up ministries (e.g. The helps ministry) or to pursue individual projects building up the saints of God or bring in the unsaved

- Encouragement to all members to start a ministry of their own choosing within their own community with ROL behind them in prayer, advertising, or whatever help ROL can provide to assist that member's ministry


5) To teach believers how to engage spiritual discernment and warfare by learning to recognize and to know the voice of the Holy Spirit, to teach how to overcome our enemy through putting on the armor of God spoken of in the Sixth chapter of Ephesians, to teach the principals and actual practice of the ministry of deliverance, and to provide times to actually participate in prayers and acts of spiritual warfare


- Teachings and seminars on discernment and deliverance and opportunities both at these teachings and seminars and in the regular altar ministry work to experience what has been learned. (ROLSCL students are expected to participate in the altar work. Any member who is faithfully walking with the lord is welcome to also participate.)

- Prayer meetings teaching and encouraging deeper levels of prayer

- A deliberate encouragement to the members to raise questions, testing and proving the spiritual ministry and words we see and hear among us

- An urging to membership to study the scriptures for themselves to prove that what they are learning is correct so that each believer can learn to discern on their own


6) To experience getting to know one another as the family of God walking in love and commitment towards one another, daring to put off pretense and to put on the heart of hospitality, humility and service


- A deliberate role modeling by the leadership in being "given to hospitality"

- Social events and selected holiday festivities

- Encouragement to members to open up their homes and their lives with one another

- Periodic group trips


7) To promote unity in the entire body of Christ


- Pastors' attendance at meetings, seminars, and conventions with leadership from other churches

- Pastors' hospitality to other ministers and ministries

- Leadership willingness to serve on the boards of other ministries

- Leadership ministering at parachurch events and in other churches

- The opening up of our homes to visiting ministries

- Ongoing prayer for and the support of the prosperity and success of all laborers and ministries in god's kingdom without regard to whether or not it necessarily blesses our own local church in an immediate or tangible way


8) To establish new churches and to strengthen existing churches


- Maintaining leadership willingness and availability to establish new churches if the lord so leads

- Responding to the call of other churches to come and to assist in revival or teaching (wherever the lord leads -- locally, nationally, or internationally)

- Continually raising up local church leadership in boldness, knowledge, and wisdom so that they can either be the ones periodically sent out to help or can be responsible for the services and the business of the local church while the pastors are out "in the field" working


9) To be perfected in praise and in worship and to teach other groups and churches how to worship and to praise


- Acontinual emphasis on giving the lord the sacrifice of praise, the joyful bold exercise in the liberty of the Spirit in God-given actions during praise (dance, clapping, raising our hands, shouting, etc.)

- A striving towards excellence and growth into mature praise and worship of the singers and musicians

- A willingness to press into high praise and worship

- An availability to go where the Lord sends the band and/or the singers to minister outside of River of Life Ministries



10) To insist upon a willingness to "follow the lamb wherever he goes" knowing that he, through the Holy Spirit, is free to move us in directions we do not see right now


- The pastors commit themselves to a prayerful life in order to sense the direction of the holy spirit for all aspects of river of life ministries, inc.

- The pastors will seek the help of the positioned leadership of river of life to pray about and to advise concerning the lord's major directives

- The pastors will not regard the traditions or the fear of man in considering how the lord would lead this ministry -- they are committed to be pioneers if need be in any path that the lord puts before them

- The leadership will train others to learn to have a mind transformed to love god's ways and his will and to want to obey him -- forsaking the love of the things, thoughts, and ways of carnality and worldliness.